Adding and editing a photo

  1. Send a new picture to Komp by tapping Add. Choose a picture from your gallery, or take a new photo.
    It is also possible to edit a picture after it has been sent. On the Homescreen, tap on the three dots next to the picture and tap Edit story
  2. You can now change the size and ratio by tapping on a corner of the frame and drag it to the right size. You can then tap anywhere in the middle of the frame to move it in the right place.
  3. You can add text on photos. The text can be positioned in any corner. The photo will first be displayed with text, and then without text on the device. Therefore, it does not matter if the text covers part of the photo.
  4. Tap on Display time to change the display time. This is the time the photo will be visible on the screen each time it is shown.
  5. Tap on Duration to change the duration. This is the time period during which the photo will be recurringly shown.
  6. Tap SAVE

When you change the display time or duration of a picture, these settings will be remembered for the next time you upload a photo.