Administrators and user roles

You can invite an unlimited amount of family members and friends to Komp. There are a few different type of user roles.

User roles on Komp

There are three user roles on Komp.


The family member who installs Komp will automatically be assigned as the first administrator.

Administrators can

  • delete other family member's content and edit duration
  • remove their access to Komp
  • add and remove other administrators
  • restrict access to features in the app
  • see and edit all content posted to Komp, except for private content sent by others
  • view and edit restricted users


Users can

  • delete and edit their own content
  • invite new family members (if not disabled by an admin)
  • change settings on the Komp (if not disabled by an admin)

Restricted users

If you are admin of a Komp, you can make other users Restricted.

Restricted users can

  • only see and edit content posted by themselves.
  • they can not edit settings on Komp or invite users
  • only administrators can see content posted by Restricted users (private content sent by a restricted user can not be seen by administrators or other users)

How do I make a user restricted?

  1. Go to Family in the top right corner
  2. Go to Connected to this Komp
  3. Find the user you want to make restricted, press on this user
  4. You should now see an option called Restricted, use the switch to turn this on or off

Add or remove an administrator

You can add as many administrators as you want.

  1. Go to Family in the top right corner
  2. Go to Connected to this Komp
  3. Click Add new/remove administrator
  4. Use the switch to give or revoke administrator access

The user you add will receive a notification that they have been added or removed as an administrator

Admin controls

As an admin, you can limit the use of some features in the app to admin only. These settings are named Admin controls in the Family settings part of the Komp app.

If there is only one administrator

You cannot remove your administrator access or remove your access to Komp if you are the only administrator.

Therefore, you must first select another family member who can be an administrator before you remove your own access.