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Calendar and reminders

What is Komp Calendar?

With Komp Calendar you can create events which can be displayed in a day plan with reminders. Easily add routines, visits or other important events.

You will find Calendar in the application menu.

Day plan and reminders

The day plan provides an overview of the current day's events. The day plan can be switched off from Settings if you do not want it to be displayed. Events will automatically be added to the day plan as you create them.

A notification will be displayed for 5 minutes when all events occur. You can also add additional reminders prior to the event.

Create new event

  1. Click Create new
  2. Choose which Komp you want to add the event to
  3. Type the event name, description (optional), time, illustration (optional) and if the event should repeat.
  4. Click Save

Edit or delete an event

  1. Find the event in the calendar view
  2. Click on the event
  3. Click Edit or Remove