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Content and video calls

What is Komp Content?

Komp Content lets you send pictures, messages and make video calls.

Content can be sent immediately or scheduled ahead of time, and you can choose for how many days it should be displayed.

Video calls are one to one, while content can be shared to one or many Komp units at the same time.

Send a picture

To send a picture, choose Picture from the menu. Select who you want to send the picture to, upload the desired picture file and select a start and end date. Click Send.

Send a message

To send a picture, choose Message from the menu. Select who you want to send the message to, type your message and select a start and end date. Click Send.

Video call

To video call someone, click Video call from the menu. You will see a list of the Komps you have access to and if they are available for video (switched on).

Video calls can only be conducted with one Komp at a time.

For video calls to work, Komp must be turned on and have internet access.

 We will conduct a test of microphone and camera before you can start the video call. If have not given your web browser permission to use the microphone and camera, it is important to do so.

See or edit content on Komp

Under Content you will see all content sent by you or other staff members in your group.

You may also select which Komp you want to see content for. If you do not select a Komp, content for all Komps will be displayed. You may also select a specific date to see what content is displayed on Komp on that day, e.g. if you have scheduled content.

Click the edit button to edit or remove a picture or message.

See activity

Under Activity you can see a log of all actions that have been carried through in the Komp Content application.