Display options

In the Komp app, you have the power to personalise the appearance of features on your Komp screen. This includes customising the way stories are being displayed, and changing the time, language and clock settings.

Customising display options

  1. From the home screen, go to Settings, in the top right corner
  2. Tap Display options
  3. Now you can choose what option you want to show. Simply press the toggle switch located on the right side of each option. Green means ON and grey means OFF.



  • The user list is the display of all users on the Komp. User's profile photo and name will be shown and displayed in the Komp loop. 
  • When a photo or text message is shown on the Komp screen, it's possible to choose whether the name of the sender is being displayed or not. This way the Komp user knows who sent the content. 
  • When the Show sender name is enabled, it's possible to choose whether just the name is shown (e.g. "Jane"), or use the From format (e.g. "From: Jane")

Time and language

  • Choose the Language that is used on the Komp screen when giving information about the weather, time, users and more. This setting does not affect the language in the Komp app for family members.
  • Choose the Time zone where the Komp screen is located. This setting does not affect the time in the Komp app for family members.
  • It's possible to personalise the Clock. You can choose the clock display, clock style, day orientation (to give the user information about the time of day) and whether the date and weekday is shown.