How do I add another Assistant?

If you want another person to be able to view the AV1's status, manage connectivity, look up resources or get verified to generate new keywords, you can add them as an Assistant via your AV1 Assistant App.

  1. Ask the person you wish to add to download the AV1 Assistant App via the Play Store or the App Store. 
  2. When they have downloaded the app, they need to create a profile with their mobile phone number. We will use the contact information to send login codes and for any future technical support.
  3. Now, open the AV1 Assistant App on your own device. Open the Settings menu. Tap Assistants > Add an Assistant.
  4. Fill in the person's mobile phone number. Please make sure the landcode is correct, and exclude the first "0". Tap Add an Assistant > confirm.
  5. The new Assistant now opens the Assistant App on their device. The AV1 should be added to their app. If it is not immediately visible, they should refresh the app.