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How to restart an app on your device

These steps can be taken for all apps on your device. Sometimes apps will timeout or crash unexpectedly. The first step to try resolve any app issue should be restarting your app.

How to restart your app:
  • iPhone 10+/iPad 11+/Newer models: Unlock your device > Slowly swipe up from the bottom of your screen and stop in the middle of your screen > Swipe up on the Komp app up so it disappears
    iPhone 9 and older/iPad 10 and older: Double-tap the home button > Swipe up on the Komp app up so it disappears
  • Android: Most Android devices have a square button on the bottom of the screen. When you tap that, all opened up apps appear in a gallery. Swipe the apps away to close and stop them from running in the background.
    Another option is to go into your device settings > Tap on Apps > Tap on the Komp app > Tap on 'Force stop'
Note: We recommend researching how to restart your app for your specific device as this procedure may be updated or changed by the manufacturer of your device.