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How to sign up for app testing and how to report a bug

Do you want to help improve our Komp app? Sign up to be an app tester now and report back any problems you encounter

1. Uninstall the Komp app.
2. Sign up for the beta on the Komp app in Google Play, or follow this link on your phone
3. Wait a few minutes. The Komp app should now be called “Komp (Beta)” in Google Play.
4. Install the app and test away!

1. Uninstall the Komp app.
2. Install “TestFlight” from App Store.
3. Join the beta by following this link.
4. Install the Komp app from TestFlight and test away!


How to report a bug

If you find a bug, glitch or something that doesn't look right when using the Komp app, you can contact us via email on support@noisolation.com, making sure to include as much detail as possible such as:

  • What is the bug? What is happening on your mobile device / Komp?
  • Komp app version [found in the Komp app > Settings > About Komp]
  • Komp unit software version [found in the Komp app > Settings > About Komp]
  • Mobile device model and make [e.g. iPhone 13, Samsung Galaxy s22]
  • Mobile device software version