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Error message: Could not connect with Bluetooth

If you get the error message "Could not connect with Bluetooth", please follow the steps below.

If you can't connect via Bluetooth, but the error message is saying "Missing access to nearby devices", please read this article.


  1. Restart your Komp
    Switch Komp off, remove the power chord for 10 seconds, switch Komp on again.
  2. Make sure Bluetooth and location service is switched on
    The Bluetooth icon will be visible in the signal bar, or check the Settings on your phone. Make sure that the Komp app has permission to use Bluetooth. On Android, the Bluetooth permission is called "nearby devices". Some phones require location service to connect to certain devices like Komp. 
  3. Try a different phone or a tablet
    If possible, invite another family member and attempt to connect with their phone. Sometimes, unfortunately, the phone's Bluetooth might be outdated. When you try to connect with a new device, please make sure you restart Komp first by removing the power chord for 10 seconds.
  4. Contact No Isolation for support