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Internet and Komp

Internet and Komp

Each Komp (model EV2b) has a SIM card integrated in the machine. SIM cards can be activated and give Komp unlimited use of mobile data for a monthly cost. All SIM cards are active the first month after Komp is delivered, to make start-up as easy as possible.

If you have not already purchased a 4G subscription, but want to know more or order a 4G subscription directly, contact your dealer or No Isolation. 

Komp also has a network card for connecting to WiFi. If you want, you can even connect Komp to the internet via an ethernet cable, using a USB-to-ethernet cable.

Add WiFi to Komp

We are working on a solution where you'll be able to add a WiFi yourself from the Komp Pro platform. Until that feature is launched, the following applies:

If you want to add a WiFi on one or more Komps, contact No Isolation directly at support@noisolation.com or phone +442039665397

This is the information we need about the network to help you:

  • Serial number of Komp
  • Network name / SSID
  • Password (username if necessary)

Users of the Komp app (family, relatives etc), have the option to add a WiFi network on Komp directly in the app. If Komp is not already on the internet, e.g. due to the lack of mobile coverage, it is possible to add internet to the app using Bluetooth. To do this, you need to be in the same room as Komp. Read more about this here: How to add a Wifi network to Komp?

Wired internet and Komp

It is possible to connect the internet to Komp through ethernet cable using a USB-to-ethernet cable.

Do you have more questions? We are happy to help, contact us directly.