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Inviting and removing staff members

Staff members must be invited to use Komp Pro/ Komp Manage by a system administrator. They can create their own profile after they have received an invitation.

You can invite an unlimited number of staff members.

Invite staff member

Staff members are invited through e-mail. Therefore, we recommend having a list of e-mail addresses ready.

  1. Under Manage, click Staff members
  2. Click Invite
  3. Type the staff member's e-mail address and click Invite
  4. You can also add the staff member to a group and set their permissions
  5. The staff member will receive an e-mail with instructions on how to create their profile.
    If the e-mail fails to arrive, we recommend checking your spam folder and making sure you typed the e-mail address correctly.

Remember to add the staff member to a group

Delete a staff member

You can delete a staff member if they should not have access to Komp Pro/ Komp Manage anymore.

Simply go to their profile and click Delete staff member.