Inviting new users to Komp

When you invite someone to Komp, a unique keyword will be created which your relative has to use to connect to Komp. You need to have a mobile phone number in order to be invited.

  1. Open the app
  2. Press Settings > Users > Invite a family member…
  3. Please make sure to give access to your contacts
  4. Type the phone number or choose from the contact list
  5. Press Invite
  6. You will see the unique keyword and can either copy and share it directly with your relative by tapping the keyword, or press the button Send keyword in a message to send a precomposed text message.

You can't use the same keyword to invite multiple people, as each keyword is personal and can only be used once.

The user can then get connected to Komp by downloading the app, entering the keyword and creating their profile.

When the person you invited lost their keyword, or didn't receive the SMS, you can resend the keyword when you go to Settings > Users > Invited and click on their name.