Inviting new users to Komp

When you invite someone to Komp, a unique invite code will be created which your relative has to use to connect to Komp. 

  1. Open the app
  2. Press Family > Invite a family member…
  3. Fill in the name of the user you wish to invite and their required role
  4. Press Create invite
  5. Share the invite code with the family member. You can tell them in person, copy it into a Whatsapp message or email, or send the invite code in an SMS message via the button on the app.

The invited user then needs to download the app, create an account and connect with Komp via the invite code. The invitation code is valid for one week after creation. You can see the validity period in the invitation.

You can't use the same invite code to invite multiple people, as each code is personal and can only be used once.

When the person you invited lost their invite code, or didn't receive the SMS, you can resend the code when you go to Settings > Users > Invited and click on their name.