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Inviting the family to Komp Pro/ Komp Manage

This article is for Komp Pro/ Komp Manage.
If you are a family member looking to invite the rest of your family, please refer to this guide.


Komp works best when family members can video call and share moments of their days. You only have to add one family member to Komp as they can invite the rest from within the app.

Follow these steps to invite the family:

  1. Tap Manage
  2. Select the Komp you wish to invite a family member to
  3. Scroll to Family
  4. Tap Get keyword
  5. Share the keyword with the family member and ask them to download the app Komp from App Store/Google Play
  6. The family member can invite the rest of the family after they have entered the keyword and created their profile in the app