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The future of Komp Pro & Manage

Last year we entered into a research project with Oslo municipality where one of the deliverables is to define and develop a best practice solution for Komp in home care. We aim to start testing a prototype based on these findings in Q3 2024.

For existing customers this doesn’t change much. We will not develop the current Komp Pro portal further, but rather focus our resources on the Komp device and the family app while we wait for the research findings. Read here or contact us for more information.

The following Q&A should answer most questions. Should you still want to reach out to us after reading through it, please send your request to support@noisolation.com, and they will forward your inquiry to the right person.  

We would like to purchase Komp with the Family app. How do we proceed without using a payment card on the website? 

You can order Komp with the Komp Family app by emailing orders@noisolation.com. Please state the following information in the email (feel free to copy paste the list):




Their (invoice) name and address:

VAT number (if VAT registered) or organisation no.:

Delivery address: (if different from their invoice address)

Email the invoice to:

Mark invoice with:


Number of units:

Komp costs £699 including VAT + Komp Family subscription £19 per month
(first 3 months free).

For any general questions regarding orders, please reach out to the billing department via orders@noisolation.com. Questions not directly linked to billing or orders will not be answered. 

Where can I find material that I can forward to others within my organisation? Photos, videos, descriptions etc. 

In this open folder, you will find stories about people already using Komp, general information about the product, photos of people with Komp and brochure templates. If you cannot find what you are looking for, please reach out to support@noisolation.com

We were promised further development of Komp Pro, what has happened?

We are part of a research project (BoVel) exploring how Komp can best help the municipalities in the future.

Can we change our Komp Pro / Komp Manage subscription before the agreed time? 

We are not in a position where we can be flexible for individual customers. If there is disagreement or emergencies, let us know, but as a general rule, we do not change existing agreements. 

Can we upgrade our Komp units to Pro or Manage?

Yes, please contact support@noisolation.com for support!

Could you please visit and demonstrate Komp for us?

If you would like us to do a presentation for a larger audience, reach out to support@noisolation.com and they will forward your request to the relevant people at No Isolation.