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Make Komp unit ready for a new user

Once in a while it will be necessary to delete all or part of the content and settings on a given Komp. An example is if Komp is to be moved from one user to another. You can easily solve this in Komp Pro/ Komp Manage.

  1. Press Komps
  2. Select the Komp you want to change
  3. Scroll down to Other options
  4. Press Reset this Komp
  5. By default Prepare for new user check box will be checked. If you want to delete all content and settings to make Komp ready for a new user, press the blue START button.
    1. You can uncheck the Prepare for new user and mark Family content instead. This will remove family members / relatives´ access to Komp as well as photos and messages sent to Komp. This will also generate a new keyword that can be shared with someone who will connect to Komp via the Family app.
    2. You can also uncheck Prepare for new user and mark Device settings. This will reset all settings (name, time zone, language, etc.) on the given Komp.
  6. The first family member to connect to the Komp can invite the rest of the family after they have entered their keyword and created their profile in the Komp-app