My WiFi/4G connection is not strong enough. What should I do?

This article will tell you what steps you can take to improve the network connectivity strength for your Komp

It is mandatory for Komp to use either a WiFi or 4G network to work. You will also need to make sure the network signal strength is strong enough for higher quality video feed, sound and speed.

What if my WiFi network / 4G coverage is not great?

If you experience low quality video feeds, sound issues or inconsistent connections with Komp, it may be that your WiFi or 4G network quality/signal is not suitable for using Komp.

WiFi users

For those who use a private or home WiFi for their Komp, we suggest reaching out to your WiFi broadband provider and asking if there are any options to boost the connectivity, quality and signal of the network. They may suggest things such as a WiFi booster or extender to help with this. 

For those who use WiFi that belongs to a care home or other public area, you will need to get in touch with the IT staff who manages the network. They may be able to suggest ways to improve connectivity, quality and signal.

4G users

For those who have subscribed to our 4G network for their Komp, the issue is most likely linked to the lack of 4G coverage in the area. We suggest positioning the Komp close to a window to get the most out of the 4G coverage in the area. Generally, if the 4G coverage is poor, purchasing a WiFi router would be the best option as this will also allow usage of other devices that require broadband connection.


Important: We are not responsible for third-party product usage and incompatibility with our product, Komp. Please be aware that Komp may not work for all third-party devices, including the ones suggested above. When renting/purchasing Komp, a 30-day trial period is automatically put in place for you, so you will be able to test the Komp and its compatibility with your WiFi network or 4G coverage in the users area. If the WiFi/4G connectivity is poor, and the above suggestions are not an option, you can return Komp within the 30 days and receive a full refund once your Komp is returned.