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Network requirements for AV1

You may need to add a WiFi network to AV1 if the 4G coverage is poor. School networks are often very secure so please provide the network requirements below to your WiFi network manager to allow the AV1 onto the network. We also recommend arranging a call with No Isolation to help set up the WiFi at school.

WiFi can be added through the AV1 app or AV1 Admin Portal.

  1. In Settings, choose WiFi networks
  2. Tap again on WiFi networks, and then select Add another
  3. Choose from the available networks and fill in the password if necessary, or add manually. Make sure that UPPER and lower case letters, numbers and symbols are entered correctly.

If the mobile coverage is very poor and therefore the AV1 will not be able to receive the WiFi details, you will need to take the AV1 to a location with stronger mobile coverage e.g. at home.

 Make sure your AV1 is upgraded with the latest software

We are continually developing AV1 software, so your AV1 might need an upgrade, especially if it hasn't been used for a while. AV1 will automatically upgrade every night, providing it is plugged in charging. You can also reach out to us, and we can start the process manually. It usually takes about 5-10 minutes, depending on the network conditions.

Network requirements

Which wireless standards does AV1 support?

AV1 supports most wireless routers that are in use today. It specifically supports 802.11 ac/a/b/g/n

Which network security mechanisms does AV1 support?

AV1 supports open networks, and WEP, WPA, WPA2, 802.1x. EAP/PEAP. We do not support the use of proxy-server or certificates for security and privacy reasons. If your network requires this, an exception has to be made for the AV1.

What if our network uses MAC address filtering or a captive portal?

School networks and other public networks are often protected by captive portals or other security features where a device needs to be pre-approved by whitelisting the MAC address. The MAC address can be found in the AV1 Admin portal under the About this AV1 section.

What is the minimum required access to the internet?

The following access is required. Traffic is initiated from the AV1.


TCP port 80:



TCP port 443:







UDP port 443:



UDP port 123:



And if possible:

Any high port number out to the internet using UDP, as that will often allow the WebRTC protocol use of peer-to-peer communication, which gives better performance, and less delay.


Don’t hesitate to contact av1-uk@noisolation.com if you have any questions at all. We can help you make any necessary adjustments, or see if we can make changes on our end to accommodate AV1 on your network. We are more than happy to schedule a call with our network specialist if needed!