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Sell or buy a Komp second hand

If you purchased your Komp and no longer need it, you can give or sell it to someone else who might benefit from it.

Before you sell a Komp second hand
  • End your subscription on 4G 
  • Reset Komp and make sure the new keyword shows on the Komp screen. 
  • Make sure that you sell Komp with the original power cable.
  • Send the receipt to new owner.

Before you buy a Komp second hand

  • There are different Komp models, so check which model you are buying
  • Make sure the Komp is reset to factory settings, then you can view the keyword on the screen.
  • Switch Komp on to check the sound and screen.
  • Model EV2b: Check that the SIM-card is inserted on the back of the Komp, just below the USB-ports. Sometimes the SIM-card is taken out by previous customers, which makes it unable to start a 4G subscription. 
  • Ask to have a copy of the receipt from the seller.