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Sell or buy a Komp second hand

If you purchased your Komp and no longer need it, you can give or sell it to someone else who might benefit from it.

Before you sell a Komp second hand
  • End your subscription on 4G 
  • Reset Komp and make sure the new keyword shows on the Komp screen. 
  • Make sure that you sell Komp with the original power cable.
  • Send the receipt to new owner.

Before you buy a Komp second hand

  • There are different Komp models, so check which model you are buying
  • Make sure the Komp is reset to factory settings, then you can view the keyword on the screen.
  • Switch Komp on to check the sound and screen.
  • Model EV2b: Check that the SIM-card is inserted on the back of the Komp, just below the USB-ports. Sometimes the SIM-card is taken out by previous customers, which makes it unable to start a 4G subscription. 
  • Ask to have a copy of the receipt from the seller.

I have bought a Komp second hand, and it's not reset. What should I do? 

You need to contact the previous owner and ask them to invite you to Komp and make your profile an administrator. You need to add WiFi and then you can reset your Komp