Setting up Komp

If Komp is already installed by someone else and you have received an invitation via SMS, please click here.

Download our Onboarding Guide. We have compiled everything you need to know to get started with Komp in this document.


If you are the first one to set up Komp, please follow the steps below.

  1. Place Komp on a stable surface within reach and at eye height of the user.

  2. Plug the power cable (3) into the power outlet and the power cable into Komp
  3. Download Komp from App Store or Google Play.
  4. Open the app and press Create user
  5. You will be prompted to add a keyword. The keyword will be displayed on the screen after Komp has been switched on. Is the keyword showing as "unknown"?
    Read here what you can do.
    Download app@2x
  6. Give the Komp a nickname and create your own personal profile. 
  7. Invite new family members by tapping the Settings icon in the top right corner > Users > Invite others.
    Users are invited by phone number, as they will receive a unique personal keyword so they can connect to Komp. This keyword is for one-time use and linked to the phone number, so it can't be used to invite multiple people.
  8. Your Komp is now set up! Ensure the Komp is left plugged in overnight to allow any automatic software updates to complete.