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Setting up Komp (model EV2)


Which Komp model do I have?

If you are the first one to set up Komp, please follow the steps below.

  1. Place Komp on a stable surface within reach and at eye height of the user.
  2. Plug the power cable (3) into the power outlet and the power cable into Komp.
  3. Download Komp from App Store or Google Play.
  4. Tap Create account and follow the steps in the app. You can choose to sign in with
    another service (e.g. Apple or Google), or create a new account with your email
    address and password.
  5. When your account is created, tap Connect with a Komp device and choose Set
    up a new Komp device. Here you need to fill in the keyword that is visible on the
    Komp display.

    This keyword can only be used once by the first person setting up Komp.
    Download app@2x
  6. Now you will need to add WiFi to the Komp. Press Settings > WiFi > Add WiFi. Make sure your Bluetooth is turned on. When your phone has connected with the Komp, choose the network from the list and fill in the password. Click on CONNECT.
  7. Invite new family members by tapping the Family icon in the top right corner + Invite a family member.
  8.  and share the personal invitation codes .
  9. Your Komp is now set up! Ensure the Komp is left plugged in overnight to allow any automatic software updates to complete.