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The Komp keyword does not work

I'm setting up Komp for the first time

The Komp keyword can only be used once. It might be that someone already used the keyword, but could not complete the set up. In that case the keyword might still be visible on the screen. Ask your relative to complete their profile and send you an invitation.

If the keyword on the screen is showing as "unknown", please read here what you can do about it.

I've been invited

If the Komp is already onboarded, you need an invitation from an existing user. You will then receive a personal, unique keyword. If you haven't received the keyword, please ask your relative to invite you via the app and give you the keyword.

If the keyword is not working, try one or more of the suggestions below:

  1. Check if the keyword is correct 
  2. Ask the person who invited you to check if they gave you the correct keyword. They can do this in their app in Settings > Users > Invited and click on your name.
  3. If this is not the first time you are trying to create an account, it might be that the profile was created last time. Go back and try to log in.

If the keyword still isn't working, please contact support.