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What are the USB ports on Komp for?

The USB ports on the backside of the Komp can be used for extra equipment like headphones, additional speakers or wired network connection.

Here are some examples on what you can use the USB ports for:

Connect audio equipments to Komp

If you want to add additional speakers, use headphones or other similar equipments on Komp, you will have to connect them trough one of the USB sockets on the backside of your Komp device.

  1. You will need an external USB soundcard that you connect to one of the USB ports (unless your equipment has direct USB connection). You will get those in most electronic hardware stores
  2. Connect the soundcard to one of the USB ports.
  3. Connect your equipment to the soundcard. Sound coming from Komp will now go trough your equipment
Connect Komp to a 4G USB Dongle (Komp model EV2)

If you have a Komp model EV2, you will not have the possibility of using a 4G SIM card, like the Komp model EV2b. You can however buy a 4G USB dongle, and connect this to one of the USB ports on Komp.

  1. Get a data SIM card from a network/phone provider. Make sure you deactivate the PIN code. Follow the instructions from the brand that provides your 4G dongle for proper set-up.
  2. Put the SIM card in the USB 4G dongle and connect it to one of the USB ports.
  3. The Komp will now get internet from the dongle and you will not need to adjust any internet settings in the Komp app

Connect Komp to a wired network

Here you would need a USB to Ethernet adapter. Plug your ethernet cable to the adapter and put it in one of the USB

Extra equipments will not damage your Komp device. But we can not guarantee that all equipments will work with your Komp.