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What devices are compatible with AV1?

Here are some recommendations on what the best devices are to use with AV1 and best practice when choosing a device.

iOS/Apple and Android products work best with the AV1 app.

These devices specifically are the most optimal:

- iPhone/iPad

- Samsung smartphones and tablets

For Android, the minimum required software is Android 9.

For Apple products, the minimum required software is version 13. 


Important information

  • iPhone 5 and older is unsupported.
  • iPads on iOS 12 or released before 2013 are unsupported.
  • We cannot guarantee that the recommended smartphones or tablet devices mentioned or any other device will work with the AV1/AV1 app. There are many different devices that run the suggested software versions but is still not compatible with our AV1 app for reasons outside of our control.
    If possible, we highly recommend testing your chosen device before purchasing so that there are no issues when testing the AV1 and device for the student.