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What is Komp Manage?

Komp Manage is a platform where you as an employee can easily manage -and get a clear overview of the Komp units in your organization.

Manage is specially developed for the use of Komp in an institution or organization. The goal of the tool is to be able to manage a larger number of Komp units in a simple and safe way.

With Manage you can customize settings, specify name and location and change the language of the Komp units. You get an overview of the Komps technical status and what groups they belongs to. From here, you can invite relatives to connect to the Komp unit on their Komp Family app and reset the Komp so that it is technically ready to be moved to a new user.

Manage is part of Komp Pro. Other parts of Komp Pro are Care, Calendar and Clock. Especially for institutions such as nursing homes / long-term homes, it is common to have only Manage activated at Komp as the main focus is to facilitate safe and secure contact with relatives. Learn more about full scale Komp Pro on our website