About AV1

About AV1 and how it works

The AV1 is placed in the classroom and the child is at home or hospital on their device. AV1 has a built-in camera and microphone to transmit the lesson back to the child. The integrated speaker allows the child to talk to their classmates.

The AV1 app is compatible with tablets and smartphones which support IOS (11.0 and newer) or Android (9.0 and newer). The AV1 app can be installed from both the App Store and Google Play. 

What can AV1 do?

From home, the child can control their AV1 and interact with the class.

  1. They can move the AV1, by turning it 360 degrees or looking up and down 70 degrees.
  2. They can talk and their voice is projected into the classroom. They can also mute themselves so they're not heard by the class, and they can even use the whisper mode to talk to classmates.
  3. They can let the teacher know if they have a question by pressing the hand icon. This makes the AV1's head flash.
  4. They can turn their AV1's head blue if they are not feeling well and want to take part less actively.
  5. They can even change the expressions of the AV1, expressing happy, sad or confused!

This enables the child to take part in the lesson as though they were physically present.

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Bring AV1 wherever you want

The great thing about AV1 is that it can also be used outside the classroom too. It has an integrated 4G SIM card, meaning it can be taken out into the playground, on school trips, or even home for birthday parties!

Light signals on AV1

AV1's light signals indicate network performance and battery levels.

The light strip on the 'shoulders' indicates the status of the robot:

Solid white light

AV1 is on and ready for use


Blinking white

The robot is searching for the network or reconnecting

Blinking red

The robot is working on fixing a problem/No internet connection

Blinking red and white

Critically low battery


Blinking fast red

The robot is all out of battery and needs to be charged. It will take about 30 minutes of charging before you can use the AV1 for streaming. 



The colours on the head signal:

White headlight

AV1 is streaming and the pupil wants to be an active participant


Blue headlight

AV1 is streaming and the pupil wants to be a passive participant

Green headlight

The pupil raises their hand

av-2-pulsating-light-green copy


The backlights indicate network quality (blue) and battery level (green), respectively.