Roles, permissions and glossary of key terms


Administrators can see all the robots the organisation owns and manage the allocation of AV1s to school assistants 

Administrators can 

  • Allocate AV1s
  • Change a main school assistant 
  • De-allocate AV1s
  • Invite administrators 
  • Edit and delete existing administrators and school assistants 
  • Modify the permissions of a school assistant (unblock AV1s)
  • Generate new keywords for AV1s
  • Unblock AV1s in the organisation that have been blocked because the user tried to take a screenshot 
  • Read/write notes for all AV1s
  • Manage WiFi configuration of all robots
  • Restart AV1s (if they are online)

Main School Assistants

A Main School Assistant is required when you allocate an AV1.

The main school assistant should be the key contact at school but it is also possible to add other school assistants e.g. class teacher, IT technician 

Main School Assistants can only see and manage the robot they have been assigned to.

School assistants are not allowed to see information about other AV1s in the organisation.


Main / School Assistants can 

  • See allocated AV1/s details (status, about this AV1, keyword etc.)
  • Regenerate keywords 
  • Unblock their AV1/s if it has been blocked because the user tried to take a screenshot (if given permission to do so)
  • Manage WiFi configuration
  • Restart robots (if they are online)
  • Access the school resource page

Glossary of terms


Allocated - AV1s in the allocated section are currently assigned to a school

Not allocated - AV1s in the not allocated section are not currently allocated


AV1 Status 

Connected - The AV1 is turned on, connected to the internet and available to stream

Disconnected - The AV1 has lost connection to the internet and is not available to stream

Turned off - The AV1 is turned off and is not available to stream 


Keyword available - There is a keyword available to view and use

This AV1 is in use - The keyword has been used. If you wish to generate a new one press create new keyword 

About this AV1

Serial number - The 8 digit identifier that each AV1 has

Mac Address - If a school's network uses mac address filtering they can whitelist the AV1 using the mac address

Model - AV2 is the latest model of AV1

‘Restart AV1’ - Press this to send a restart signal to the AV1. This will not be possible if the AV1 is turned off