AV1 Assistant app will no longer be available

From the 1st December 2023, the AV1 Assistant app will no longer be available.

To make it easier for you to manage your AV1(s), you'll see some changes over the coming months to the AV1 Assistant app and AV1 Admin portal. This will include new features and improvements to the AV1 Admin portal, which by December 2023 will become the only interface for schools and organisations to manage AV1s.


This means an end to the AV1 Assistant app. But don't worry, as all the functionality available in Assistant will also be available in Admin. Click here to find out what you can do in the AV1 Admin portal, and for a glossary of key terminology.



Monday 9th October 2023

New downloads of AV1 Assistant will not be possible, but will still be available for all existing users.

Friday 1 December 2023

After this date, the app will be removed from the App Store and Google Play and will no longer be available for existing users. 

To continue managing your AV1(s), you will need to be set up on AV1 Admin.


Why are we making these changes?

  • Customers often tell us the current set up is confusing. We have two interfaces (AV1 Assistant and AV1 Admin) that contain similar functionalities, but don't integrate with each other. By merging them into one (AV1 Admin)  we will simplify the set up process for schools.
  • Most customers say they prefer a web interface, which Admin provides. Despite this, you can still access AV1 Admin from your phone (through a web browser) if you prefer.
    Over the next 12-18 months our Product team will further develop the AV1 Admin portal, improving usability and adding new features.

    You are more than welcome to give us feedback on how we can improve the AV1 Admin portal by following this link.


What do I need to do?

✅ To start or continue to use the AV1 Admin portal, please follow the relevant steps below. This is now mandatory for organisations that allocate AV1s to schools.

❎ If you no longer manage an AV1, or you're a school that doesn't need an AV1 management tool, please ignore this message.

Set up steps for organisations (e.g. local authorities, charities)

a) For customers and administrators of AV1s that don't currently use the AV1 Admin portal, you need to:

  • Let us know that you want access to the AV1 Admin portal by contacting support@noisolation.com. We will then set up your organisation in the AV1 Admin portal in one simple step.
  • Register on the AV1 Admin portal (you will receive an email invitation).
  • Follow steps in section b) after you are set up.

b) Once set up, and for organisations already using the AV1 Admin Portal, you need to:

  • Ensure your AV1 allocations are up to date (i.e. that the right 'School Assistant' is added).
  • When sending out AV1s to new schools, add the 'School Assistant' roles and grant permissions (e.g. unblock AV1s), so that the schools can get set up quickly and independently.


Set up steps for schools 

a) For schools that loan AV1 through another organisation (e.g. a local authority or charity):

  • Reach out to your contact person at the organisation.
  • Request to be invited as a 'School Assistant' to your AV1.
  • Then, register on the Admin portal (you will receive an email invitation).

b) For schools that privately own or rent AV1:
  • Please contact av1-uk@noisolation.com to get started with your own AV1 Admin account.

If you are not sure which of the above applies to you, please contact us av1-uk@noisolation.com.