Using AV1 as a student

Streaming with AV1

When AV1 is onboarded, you can start a video stream to the classroom.

Simply tap Connect, and AV1 will start a stream.

Moving AV1

You can spin AV1 around, and tilt the head up and down by swiping the direction you want to move.

Volume control

You can change the volume of AV1s loudspeaker to reflect how loud you want to speak.

Choose between mute, whisper, normal and loud.


AV1 call menu showing placement of volume control

Raising your hand

If you want to raise your hand in the classroom, tap the Raise hand button.

AV1 call menu showing placement of raise hand button

Passive mode

If you are not feeling too well and only want to passively participate in class, you can turn AV1s head blue by tapping the blue Passive mode button


AV1 call menu showing placement of passive mode button

Changing the expressions of AV1s eyes

Please note: This feature is only available on model AV2 or newer. 

AV1’s eyes can be changed from the app while you are streaming.

The expressions will be displayed on AV1 immediately, and will not go away until you have chosen a different expression.

Choose between:

  • Sad
  • Happy
  • Confused
  • Neutral 
AV1 call menu showing placement of expression buttons

Disconnecting the stream

You can end the AV1 stream by pressing the red phone symbol icon