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Add a WiFi network to AV1

How WiFi on AV1 works

For AV1's network requirements, click here.

AV1 will continuously consider what is best of the cellular connection and the WiFi connection and will choose the one with the best performance. The app will display if AV1 is using WiFi or cellular. If you have added a WiFi network with poor performance, the AV1 will probably choose the cellular network instead and vice versa.

If you remove the WiFi network from AV1, all the information about the network will be deleted. If you want to connect to the network again at a later point, you will have to add it with the password and username (if any).

Add WiFi network

You can add a WiFi network through the AV1 app, or the AV1 Assistant app. The network information you add on your phone is transmitted to AV1 over the cellular network, if no network is already added. If the cellular network is too poor, AV1 will not be able to receive the information. If this is the case, you can add the network via Bluetooth through the AV1 Assistant app (see below).

AV1 app

  1. Make sure that AV1 is switched on and has 3G or 4G coverage.
  2. In the AV1 app, go to Settings → Wifi network → Add network.
  3. Chose the network (SSID) you want to connect to from the list
  4. Please note that the Wifi network might require a username and/or password to connect

If you want to connect to a hidden Wifi, please contact our customer support team

AV1 Assistant App

You can also add a WiFi-network over the AV1 Assistant App. If cellular coverage is poor, you can also add WiFi over Bluetooth.

  1. Make sure AV1 is switched on
  2. Tap Settings on the AV1
  3. Tap Add WiFi

If you want to add a WiFi network over Bluetooth

  1. Make sure Bluetooth is enabled on your device
  2. Tap Add via Bluetooth
  3. Wait for the robot to successfully connect via Bluetooth

If you want to add a WiFi network over cellular coverage

  1. Tap Add another and select the correct WiFi network from the list
  2. If the desired network does not appear, tap Is your WiFi not listed below? and select Add manually to type in the network name (SSID), password and username (if applicable). Please be aware of UPPER case and lower case letters.
 Please be aware that the list of networks displayed are the networks where the AV1 is located.