AV1's privacy features

We know that privacy, both for you as teachers and for your students, is incredibly important. AV1 is an innovative product and as such the idea of bringing a device with a camera into the classroom can seem daunting. That is why we have designed the device with privacy and safeguarding at the front of our mind throughout, and built multiple layers of security.

It cannot record

AV1 transmits a live stream from the avatar to the AV1 users’ tablet. No data is recorded, and the live stream is end-to-end encrypted, meaning it is impossible for any external party, including us, to access the stream.

Screenshots are forbidden

Recording or screenshots are not allowed. If attempted, depending on the type of mobile device, the stream will automatically terminate or No Isolation will receive a notification, and reserve the right deactivate the AV1. Click here to learn how to unblock the AV1.

Clearly visible when active

You’ll know when AV1 is active as its head will lift and its eyes will light up. AV1 transmits one-way video so, whilst the user can see what AV1 sees, you can’t see them (this is a result of testing with sick children - they want to be involved but not necessarily seen by their peers).

A one-user device

Only one AV1 user will be able to connect to a single AV1. Their app is accessible via a secret 4-digit pin code and they are required to accept No Isolation’s terms and conditions which state that only one AV1 user will be using the app.

Consent requirements

Schools are not legally obliged to collect consent from parents of other children in the class to permit use of AV1, rather it the schools choice to do so if they deem it necessary. 

Addressing concerns

Concerns from parents or staff may arise from an initial lack of understanding of the technology. We have drafts of information letters that are available for you to edit and send out to educate others on how AV1 works.

GDPR compliant

No Isolation do not need, or ask for, any personal data about the AV1 user. We only store customer data (e.g. name and contact information of school or LA) in order to process an order and payment.