School contacts and allocating an AV1

What is a school contact?

A school contact is usually a teacher or other relevant staff member at the school where AV1 will be used. You can allocate as many AV1s to a school contact as you would like.

There are a few reasons why you should register a school contact:

  • It makes it easier for you to keep an overview of where AV1 is located
  • The school contact will receive onboarding information and other useful resources
  • The school contact can log in to the AV1 Admin Portal, see the status of AV1 and add WiFi networks
  • If given permission, the school contact can make new keywords if the student should require one

Adding a school contact/allocating an AV1

To add a school contact, go to the AV1 you would like to allocate

  1. Go to School contact
  2. Enter the e-mail address. Click Invite.
  3. In the dialogue, you can add a school name and address. The school contact can review or add contact information during registration.
  4. Select if the school contact should have permission to make new keywords. Please note that this setting applies to all AV1s allocated to the school contact in your organisation.
Screenshot of where School contact is located in the interface
If you change your mind or want to revoke the permissions given, you can edit them by clicking People, scrolling down to School Contacts, select the correct person and remove the permission.

Removing a school contact

To remove a school contact, go to the allocated AV1.

  1. Go to School contact
  2. Click Remove school contact
  3. In the dialogue, select the reason for removing the school contact and if there is a change in student using AV1.
Screenshot of where the Remove School Contact button is located

Currently, it is not possible to add an administrator as a school contact